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We connect the future today with cutting edge technology, innovation, best practices and a collaboration culture. Today we connect you to that up-to-date content available through the trainings we have developed for you.

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It is in our DNA to reduce the impact on our carbon footprint through everything we do.

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Prysmian Group professionals are highly valued for their knowledge, skills, and experience. We want to connect you with these values so that together we can achieve our goals and transform the world around us.

Eng. Luis Yock

Telecoms Solutions Expert Engineer

Over 20 years of experience in the electrical sector and more than one year of working experience at the Telecom Business Unit at Prysmian Group. Luis is an Electromechanical Engineer with knowledge in the area of energy and distribution.

Eng. Jennifer Rodríguez

Energy Solutions Expert Engineer

Jennifer has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Costa Rica. She has more than 11 years of experience with the company. She started as a Design Engineer, then as a Copper Product Engineer and currently works as the leader of the research and development area for Prysmian Group Central America and the Caribbean.

Our business leaders

Each member of our team has a unique skill set, perspective and ability that brings unmatched value to the business.



We are an innovative global leader when it comes to cable technology, matching that with an impressive global presence. Spanning 50 countries, 104 plants, 25 research and development centers, and with approximately 28,000 employees, we have a strategic footprint that enables us to serve emerging markets and communities around the world with ease. In Central America and the Caribbean, we have connected the development of the region for 50 years.