Cables de Minería

The following course will provide a complete overview of Prysmian Group's mining projects' products. These include cables for fixed or mobile installations for open-pit or underground mines.
The cables used in the implementation stage of the mining project are considered, as well as those used during the mine operation. It primarily includes the product catalogue from Prysmian Group in Chile and the USA.
We hope you enjoy this course and that it will help you better understand the cables used in mining.

Training available in spanish with english subtitles.

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Lilly Sánchez


José Luis Navia
José Luis Navia
Research and Development Manager of Cocesa Prysmian Group. Industrial Civil Engineer with a major in Electricity from Federico Santa Maria Technical University. He has worked in Cocesa Prysmian Group for 29 years in R&D as a Product Design and Materials Development Engineer. He has extensive knowledge of energy systems with a technical and research profile.

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