Cables para Variadores de Frecuencia (VFD)

The course below is intended to provide the basic knowledge of what a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is and the appropriate cables for its use. This course consists of three modules, the first of which explains what a VFD is, how it works, its advantages, and considerations for its use. The second module explains their advantages and why you should use a cable specially designed for VFD applications. Lastly, the Cocesa-Prysmian Group’s offer of available cables for use with VFDs is presented.

Training available only in spanish.

We hope you enjoy this course and that it will help you acquire a basic understanding of VFDs and why they should be equipped with specialized cables.


Paulina Cabrera - Jordan Salgado
Paulina Cabrera Mena: Chemical Engineer from Federico Santa Maria Technical University. She has worked in Cocesa Prysmian Group for 10 years, 6 as a Process Engineer, and 4 years as a Design Engineer in R&D. Jordan Salgado Urrutia: Electrical Engineer with a major in Electric Power Systems from the University of Santiago, Chile. He worked for 2 years in Cocesa Prysmian Group as a Product Engineer in R&D.

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